Nicholas Flees

Skills & Familiar Tools

Programming Languages and Tools

  • Python: Heavy use for trading system components, data management and analysis, scripting, and academic purposes. Competent Pandas user.
  • JavaScript: Occasional professional use for maintentance of Flask/SocketIO web portal. Occasional use for data visualization.
  • C#: Heavy use in enhancement and maintenance of trading application.
  • Excel/VBA: Periodic heavy use for spreadsheet applications and simple automation. Expert-level Excel user.
  • C: Periodic medium/light use for academic purposes.
  • Ruby: Previous heavy use for scripting and automation of tasks, also used with Rails and Sinatra frameworks.
  • R: Previous heavy use for analysis. Occasional light use currently.


  • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite): Previous heavy professional use. Current heavy academic use.
  • NoSQL (Redis, proprietary database): Heavy professional use.


  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
  • Version Control: Subversion (daily use), Git (basic familiarity)
  • Trading Applications: Bloomberg, OptionsCity Subway API
  • Markup and Formatting: HTML, CSS, LaTeX
  • Amazon Web Services: EC2, S3
  • Development Methodologies and Tools: Agile/Scrum, JIRA